Our combined 20+ years experience in the childcare industry, ensure that our software is designed to your needs.
Preschool Marketing Package Included


We develop innovative, web-based software solutions tailored to the specific educational and managerial needs of the early education industry. Our web-based solutions are seamlessly implimented with the minimal effort from our clients side.
The system promotes a paperless office enfironment, saving you money and time.
The communication system ensure that you can communicate a message or reminder to your clients within seconds, eliminating the "we didn't get the letter" argument.
Website Design and Hosting
We will take care of everything from your domain registration to the Hosting of your daycare website, click here for more information.
Maintenance and Re-Development
We know that your site and the information on it, is important to you and , more importantly, your visitors want content that is current. We all know that there is nothing more frustrating than old, outdated websites!
Earn as you go
This is the ideal opportunity for stay-at-home moms and dads to supplement the family income.
Preschool Website Design Sample1
Preschool Website Design Sample2
Preschool Website Design Sample3
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